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The soul of the house would not be without an attentive staff, a strong team attached to the Lameloise spirit, which is still witness and relay of this hospitality that survives from generation to generation.

Maison Lameloise Shanghai

Imagine when French lifestyle meets Shanghai culture! Combining culture with harmony is becoming the philosophy of Maison Lameloise Shanghai. We delicately mixed Chinese modernization with France heritage and Shanghai history with “New Chinese Style”.

“Simplicity and elegance at the service of emotion”. Created by Chef Eric Pras and Maison Lameloise, this philosophy is the same one Maison Lameloise Shanghai is focusing on.

From Signature dishes to decoration, we have reached a subtle balance of unity and simplicity,


Executive Chef

Originally from Alsace, He debuted his apprentice at the age of 16. After studying in culinary school, he obtained the Bachelor Culinary Management at Institut Paul Bocuse in France and worked with the leading French Michelin-starred chefs including Anne-Sophie Pic (Beau-Rivage Palace, two Michelin stars) and Emmanuel Renaut (Flocon de Sel, three Michelin stars).

Chef Klein joined Maison Lameloise in May 2012 and cooked alongside internationally renowned, three-Michelin starred Chef Eric Pras.

Working with Michelin-starred chefs allowed Yann Klein to accumulate a variety of gastronomic knowledge, to experience different culinary approaches and to discover a diversity of authentic products and tastes.

His passion, his trustworthiness and his rigorous discipline have been key to success in building his career as a chef.

Unquenchable thirst for precision, constant challenge and improvement are part of his mission in seeking excellence and fineness in Maison Lameloise. Eric Pras has certainly well transmitted his passion for culinary delight to the young chef.

As Chef Pras, Yann Klein advocates the honest and generous cooking, the ‘balance of power’ in recipes and, of course, the delicacy.

The pleasure of the palate is essential to Chef Klein, as he believes that gourmandize is the most valuable asset in his profession. Then comes the conviviality of bringing people around the same table for a sophisticated culinary journey in one of the most iconic monuments of the city of Shanghai.


Restaurant Director

Born and raised in Auvergne, Kévin started at the age of 16 alongside Martine & Jacques Decoret (Maison Decoret, one Michelin star) as the same time he was going to hospitality school. 

Once his diploma in his pocket he decided to choose a three Michelin stars restaurant to start his career. The choice was Régis & Jacques Marcon (where Eric Pras used to work). After a few years it was time for a new challenge, he took off to England, and joined Raymond Blanc and his team at Le Manoir Aux Quat’Saisons (two Michelin Stars). When Kévin saw the opportunity of Joining the adventure of Maison Lameloise Shanghai he did not hesitate. He joined the team of Maison Lameloise in Burgundy in order to understand the chef’s vision and culinary universe as well as discovering the best of what burgundy has to offer.

Kévin looks forward to welcoming a sophisticated and diverse clientele, but also transports them for a moment in the universe of a century-old restaurant proudly holding three Michelin stars.The duo they form with the Executive Chef Yann Klein aims to bring a touch of youth while honoring the House's legacy and maintaining the level of excellence that has been inculcated in them by Chef Eric Pras.